We’ve brought our business to the high street

The immergence of IOT technology has created a storm of assumptions and myths. Our aim is to pull back the curtain and demonstrate the real world applications and opportunities IOT offers. What better way to do this than to bring our busines to the high street.


Managing Director

An entrepreneur by calling, I’m an engineer by training and a devotee of IOT by vocation. I started the company in 2016 having spotted a gap in service provision in the emerging IOT market. I raised seed investment to develop product and bring the world’s first Thingmongers to the high street.

Michael Bateman

Chief Financial Officer

Michael was integral to the global growth and exit of WDS for US$140m to Xerox in 2012.

David Pickett

Operations Manager

I’ve run a number of businesses leading the sale of a family business to US competitor. I’d built tracking businesses and recognising the wider potential of the IOT market joined the company early on to build the backbone of the product. I deployed a 40-site LPWAN in 6 weeks to enable our first utilities business.

Neil Keogh


I’m a system build specialist starting out in BBC Radio and Digital TV. I joined the company at launch to seize the opportunity offered by IOT to create new business value and community benefits.

Jamie Roberts

Senior Solutions Architect

I’ve built enterprise software solutions for the world’s largest content providers over the last 20 years. I joined the company early on because the sheer opportunity in IOT. I’ve built the software platform from the ground up along the themes of security, stability and scalability.

Jake Malley

DevOps Engineer

I’m an engineer from University of Southampton where I’ve looked after their enterprise grade IT systems and core infrastructure. I’ve built the company’s secure enterprise environment and developed tooling for the automation and orchestration of their core platform.

“B4T is an exciting business on the cusp of even greater innovation. With its unique use of LPWAN, an energy and cost-efficient communications network, the company is a perfect candidate for expansion funding to enhance the Enterprise M3’s ambition of digital growth in a low carbon economy. As well as being the only supplier of a fully managed LPWAN service, the unique data collection service will reduce carbon emissions because the need for vehicle journeys will lessen.”

Kathy Slack OBE, Director, Enterprise M3 LEP

26 Upper Market Street
SO50 9FD

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