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We are an exciting, environmentally charged, product development SME, led by a team who’ve conceived, privately and publicly funded and deployed at scale a number of first-of-a-kinds. These include Jellyfish that up-cycles existing water meters to become smart, a novel maritime Air Quality and, AI horticulture sensors, Man-o-War.

Alex Barter

Managing Director

An entrepreneur by calling, I’m an engineer by training and a devotee of IOT by vocation. I started the company in 2016 having spotted a gap in service provision in the emerging IOT market. I raised seed investment to develop product and bring the world’s first Thingmongers to the high street.

Michael Bateman

Chief Financial Officer

An accountant by training my early career was in financial services. I moved into technology in 2000 and was integral to the global growth of WDS as COO and CFO. The company was acquired in 2012 by Xerox. After leaving WDS I have worked in VFX and technology helping small and rapidly growing companies raise VC and institutional funding and scale their businesses effectively.

David Pickett

Operations Director

I’ve run a number of businesses leading the sale of a family business to US competitor. I’d built a tracking businesses and recognising the wider potential of the IOT market joined the company early on to build the backbone of the product. I deployed a 40-site LPWAN in 6 weeks to enable our first utilities business.

Jamie Roberts

Senior Solutions Architect

I’ve built enterprise software solutions for the world’s largest content providers over the last 20 years. I joined the company early on because the sheer opportunity in IOT. I’ve built the software platform from the ground up along the themes of security, stability and scalability.

Ashley Head


Ashley began his career with Chase Manhattan Bank, where he rose rapidly through the ranks of technology and online banking. He then joined MasterCard, where he ultimately ran the whole of Africa.

After 30 years in the corporate world and recognising the opportunities within eCommerce, he started his own company, Proc Cyber. He grew this business from scratch to a company valued at over £60 million in just 3 years. Recognising the broader applicability of the underlying antifraud solutions, he merged with Datacash in 2006, he was Chairman of the board and took 50% ownership of the company.

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Transforming data through smart solutions

Our solutions aren’t limited to capturing water data. We collaborate with businesses in all to sector to create solutions that transform data into actionable insights, improving delivery and outcomes.



Our solution opens new perspectives to farmers to address the challenges that are leading them to face decreasing incomes. According to the World Research Institute, the earth’s population will reach nearly 10 billion by 2050 - about 3 billion more mouths to feed than in 2010. To feed this increased population sustainably, the Institute has identified three gaps that must be closed.

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Air pollution

Air Quality Monitor (AQM)

Air pollution is a major public health risk, ranking alongside cancer, heart disease and obesity and it poses the single greatest environmental risk to human health. UK Government has set out its Port Air Quality Strategy (PAQS) with the goal of protecting public health and the environment whilst maintaining growth and a vibrant sector.

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Affinity Water
Northumbrian Water
Portsmouth International Port
Portsmouth Water

South West Water
Southern Water
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

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