Jellyfish Bridge solves deep pit connectivity

Jellyfish Bridge is a unique AMR-to-AMI conversion solution that prolongs existing meters and rescues stranded AMR assets. A cost effective solution that provides water companies and their customers a more comprehensive understanding of water consumption and leakage information.

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EVA starts your clean maritime journey

Gauging the impact of renewable interventions on people, place and mobility.

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Advancing crop protection with high resolution sensors

Our Man o’War smart product will make your greenhouses work smarter, helping to improve crop yield and quality, reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions, cut consumption of water and chemicals, and minimise on-site manual intervention and labour requirements.

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We are an environmentally charged product development house

Our products solve problems in water utilities, maritime and horticulture.

Our expertise is customising and combining IOT sensors, our Jellyfish and Man o'War platforms with software analytics and visualisation.

We build solutions from concept to scale manufacture, to achieve valuable outcomes for our customers.

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Jellyfish Bridge

Jellyfish Bridge is a unique AMR-to-AMI conversion solution that prolongs existing meters and rescues stranded AMR assets.

Drive-by/walk-by readings are replaced with regular remotely transmitted data configurable to 5-minute readings. Excellent VFM is delivered with up to 8 meters which were concentrated and decrypted using Patent technology in a single Bridge using a single SIM, vSIM or Token. Patchy AMI resulting from deep-pit transmission challenges are rescued by leveraging short range AMR thus maintaining the asset, delivering the data and causing zero disturbance to water supply or customer.

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litres of water used by the average household daily


litres of water used across the UK daily


of UK homes are affected by leakage


litres of water are lost every day due to leaks

Transforming data through smart solutions

We take data driven problems from concept through design to mass scale. We collaborate with businesses in all to sector to create solutions that transform data into actionable insights, improving delivery and outcomes.



Our solution opens new perspectives to farmers to address the challenges that are leading them to face decreasing incomes. According to the World Research Institute, the earth’s population will reach nearly 10 billion by 2050 - about 3 billion more mouths to feed than in 2010. To feed this increased population sustainably, the Institute has identified three gaps that must be closed.

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Air pollution

Air Quality Monitor (AQM)

Air pollution is a major public health risk, ranking alongside cancer, heart disease and obesity and it poses the single greatest environmental risk to human health. UK Government has set out its Port Air Quality Strategy (PAQS) with the goal of protecting public health and the environment whilst maintaining growth and a vibrant sector.

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Connecting remote communities on the Isles of Scilly to bill consumers and help secure a fragile water supply

South West Water provide reliable, efficient and high quality drinking water and waste water services throughout Cornwall and Devon and in small areas of Dorset and Somerset. Serving a population of 1.7 million across the region, they deliver over 340 million litres of water each day through some 15,000km of water mains to 800,000 homes and 70,000 businesses in the South West.

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Profiling demand in severely water stressed South Hampshire

Southern Water provides water to 2.5 million customers and wastewater services to more than 4.7 million customers across Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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Helping identify consumer-side leakage for Cartref Programme

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water is a not-for-profit company which supplies drinking water and wastewater services to most of Wales and parts of western England that border Wales. They supply 800 million litres of water every day to over 3 million customers in over 1.4 million homes and businesses across Wales.

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How we deliver IOT

Since our launch in 2018, we have accumulated solid experience in creating robust connected solutions for infrastructure and utilities providers across the UK.

We develop low power sensors from a business need to very large scale manufacture, with our network of domestic and off-shore partners.

We offer platform as a service (PaaS) using our state of the art cloud software to aggregate sensors and third party data.

We opperate over 100 IOT network sites and develop products for NB-IoT, LoRaWAN and Sigfox.

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Affinity Water
Northumbrian Water
Portsmouth International Port
Portsmouth Water

South West Water
Southern Water
Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

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