Jellyfish connects people to their water consumption for positive environmental, commercial and regulatory outcomes.

Jellyfish up-cycles existing water meters into connected assets at a fraction of the cost to replace, and, zero landfill. Battery powered for over fifteen years, Jellyfish’s low-powered wide-area network technology overcomes underground connectivity that thwarts 4G, 5G and WiFi.


litres of water used by the average household daily


litres of water used across the UK daily


of UK homes are affected by leakage


litres of water are lost every day due to leaks

Providing unique and complete data-driven solutions to achieve Per Capita Consumption (PCC) reduction and Leakage elimination, we’re playing a crucial role to secure UK’s supply of water for the next fifty years.

Jellyfish by B4T

Start with human problems

Yesterday’s rainfall can take forty years to make it into our supply so it’s not as simple as autumnal downpour filling summer’s glass. Water resourcing has become even more complex as population increases and climate instability becomes more frequent.

We must affect demand and efficiency, now.

Because it’s outcomes that defines Jellyfish solutions

Smart Water Metering is acknowledged as the key to unlocking two major outcomes, influencing demand (PCC) and preserving environmental impact by eliminating Leakage.

Jellyfish is designed from the ground-up to support consumers, providers and regulators with the tools to clearly impact these outcomes.

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For UK & European trials we offer a 100x property starter pack including Domestic Meters, Jellyfish, PROG Software, Android Installation App, LPWAN (Sigfox) Repeater and support; all you need to start your Smart Water Meter journey! *email us to check Sigfox coverage (via your local operator) and existing meter suitability.

Human problem

Influencing reduction in water demand

Reducing environmental impact emissions by eliminating leakage

Provider challenge

Desirable product
Proof of impact

Verifying what is consumption and what is leakage


Maximise consumers information sharing

Data analysis
Decision making


Low-cost data
Asset re-use

Clean, reliable data
Automated workflow


Consumer App
Wireless IoT infrastructure
Up-cycler of existing meters

Total DMA data
Complete cost-effective connectivity

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How can we help?

There are four key components:



100% of legacy meters up-cycled by clip-on, AMR-to-AMI or legacy pulseheads


Low Power Wide Area Network that enables IoT

UK maintenance contract for telecoms site acquisition, build and operate


PROG software

Conductor, aggregator, securer and visualiser of information


Consumer App

See our UK-Gov funded desirable App microsite

The sum of its parts

Making sense of the data

Making sense of the data

Delivering insights otherwise hidden in data for rapid, automated responses and improved decision making with PROG.

PROG is built from the ground up with the specific purpose of scaling massive IOT. Its cloud based architecture is orchestrated by Kubernetes to scale horizontally for near zero integration of new sensors, data sources and customers, and vertically with automatic load balancing for unlimited performance.

deviceStatus is a software module that combines a sensors health and purpose in one view. This makes troubleshooting and operations consolidated for one user.

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Affinity Water

Providing ultra high user measurement solutions for water resource planning

Affinity Water are the largest water-only supplier in the UK and are committed to delivering a high quality water service to their customers. They provide on average 950 million litres of water each day to a population of more than 3.83 million people.

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Our products

Man o’ War – the next generation IoT device

Multiple sensor types with edge processing and machine learning enables real, smart, IoT...

Jellyfish 2

Convert your AMR (drive-by/walk-by) fleet into 15min/hourly/daily AMI. A super cost-effective, battery-powered Jellyfish solution concentrates up to 4x meters transmitting Open Meter Standard (OMS) EN13757. Installations on street furniture or in dry-risers in blocks of flats means you never need touch your existing installation. On-board decryption and remote key-handling enables efficient use of Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) implementations such as Sigfox, MIoTY, LoRaWAN & NB-IoT.

Affinity Water
Northumbrian Water
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Portsmouth Water
South West Water
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Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water

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